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Our Legal Guides are written by lawyers in simple, understandable language. No jargon. Just simple steps to help you deal with your legal issues without a lawyer.


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Legal Guides for Small Business Owners

We believe that small business owners should get high quality legal information and expert guidance without spending thousands on lawyers. Our expert Law eBooks help you run your small business, deal with all types of legal issues without the cost.

Written by Experts

All of our eBooks are written by experts - solicitors & barristers, or other true experts in their fields.

Written by Experts

Plain English Guides

Our eBooks are written in plain English, avoiding jargon where possible. We'll always include

Plain English Guides

Additional Support

All eBooks can be brought with extras - templates, videos or even legal support from lawyers.

Additional Support


Here’s what some of our customers have said about Law eBooks and our Legal Guides.

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Buyer 1Director

A really helpful guide which allowed me to issue a claim against a debtor myself without spending thousands on a lawyer.

Example B
Example BOwner

Example: A brilliant guide on small claims court. Thoroughly recommended.

Do you require expert legal support?

While we like to think our Law eBooks are great, sometimes you need bespoke expert legal advice from solicitors. Our friends at Nexa Law can help you.